Halifax Rowing Club Programs

Learn-to-Row   Juniors     Adults

The Halifax Rowing Club is located at the Lower Level of the St. Mary’s Boat House on the beautiful North West Arm. We have programs designed for the beginner, intermediate and advanced rowers who are interested in fun, fitness, recreation and/or competition.  We also offer an Para-Rowing rowing program for rowers with disabilities.

Halifax Rowing Club offers Learn-to-Row classes, and programs for those who want to row either for recreation and fitness or for fun and competition!

All of our programs are lead by qualified coaches.

Rowing is a fun, low impact activity that can be enjoyed by almost everyone!  Rowing is for life, for people from the age of 13 to the age 93 (and beyond).  It provides excellent health and wellness benefits - it is a whole body fitness activity, helps to improve strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness and it is also a wonderful stress reliever!

There really is nothing like being out in a boat, on the water, on a beautiful summer day!