Mission, Vision & Values

Halifax Rowing Club's Mission, Vision & Values


The mission of the Halifax Rowing Club is to provide safe, affordable opportunities for HRM residents of all ages and abilities to row as a life-long activity, promoting healthy living, friendship and sporting excellence while preserving and growing the tradition of rowing on the North West Arm.


The Halifax Rowing Club will increase its capacity to provide opportunities for HRM residents of all ages and abilities to row as a life- long sport, through enhancements to the physical facility including;

  • increased size and functionality of space to meet current and future equipment needs
  • year round training capability
  • space which is physically accessible to persons with disabilities
  • functional access to the North West Arm for other clubs to participate in regattas


The Halifax Rowing Club is a volunteer-run operation focused on the sport of rowing.

HRC values access by providing rowing opportunities that are physically and financially accessible to HRM residents of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

HRC values athletic excellence by creating a successful environment for those who strive to be elite athletes provincially, nationally and internationally.

HRC values health and wellbeing through its low-impact recreational programs for all ages and abilities

HRC values mentorship and leadership in the sport by creating opportunities for youth for personal development, and to build coaching capacity within the province.

HRC values sportsmanship in all its competitive and non-competitive activities.