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Boat Fund 2017 Investment Plan

In order for the Club to enhance the services provided to members, while keeping membership fees stable, there is the need to engage in fundraising initiatives. The Board has agreed that a more focused effort on fundraising is needed in order to make sure that we have the equipment we need to provide you, the Club members, with a safe, fun and competitive rowing experience. We need a strategic plan to continue to maintain, but more importantly, upgrade and replace our aging fleet. We also need to fundraise to ensure we have oars to row our shells, PFDs for all rowers, equipment for coaches, etc.

In the future:

  • Fundraising opportunities will be designed to benefit the Club, and hence all members.
  • All members will be encouraged to support and participate in Club fundraising initiatives. To help encourage participation, where practical, fundraising initiatives will be designed to reward the members who participate in fundraising activities.
  • Fundraising initiatives will be used to raise funds to purchase or replace equipment and other capital needs that are not budgeted / high cost. Regular operating expenses (e.g. salaries, boat repairs, gas, boat motor maintenance, budgeted for equipment, etc.) will be covered by membership fees and grants.
  • Fundraising activities will have a specific objective (e.g. to purchase new stroke watches, to purchase a new light-weight single shell) and fundraising goal (e.g. $600, $12,000) where it makes sense to have one. This will make it easier to communicate with donors and show tangible value to Club members.
  • If a fundraising initiative raises monies in excess of its goal, the excess funds will be allocated to a ‘Reserve Fund’ that will be available to cover budget shortfalls, equipment purchases, support for coaching education, etc.

In general, fundraising initiatives will be focused in two areas:

1. Raise money for specific, smaller purchases

Through-out the year, a number of relatively short-term fundraising initiatives will be held to raise funds for lower cost equipment purchases. As noted above, each of these initiatives will be to raise money for a specific purpose, with a defined goal. For instance, we might look to raise $400 for the purchase of a new GPS stroke coach by having one or more bake sales, or through the Christmas wreath sale.

All members who participate in these fundraising initiatives will be able to earn fundraising credits that can be used to cover future regatta or membership fees. The amount of credit earned will be determined for each different fundraising initiative. For instance, with the Christmas Wreath sale, each person earned credits for each wreath / centre piece sold. Our priority is always to provide high quality services to serve all members, but wish to recognize those who contribute their time to raise funds and promote the club in the community.

2. Strategic Fundraising Initiatives

The Club will also be working on organizing bigger, more ambitious and/or long term fundraising initiatives to raise money for new rowing shells, boat motors, safety boats, and to build up a reserve fund that will allow us to replace rowing shells on a defined timetable. For example, the Club could use a new Coxed-Four. In order to raise the $25,000 for this, we will create a fundraising plan with one or more activities (e.g. Dalhousie Rowing Club’s GoFundMe fundraiser; a Club organized wine tasting dinner; apply for grants to help support the purchase, utilize bank loans to cover a portion of the purchase price, etc.), with each activity having a specific fundraising target. The Club will keep all members informed about the progress towards the goal and about each new fundraising activity.

Where practical, all members who participate in these strategic fundraising initiatives will be able to earn fundraising credits that can be used to cover future regatta or membership fees. For instance, each member might earn a fundraising credit for each ticket sold to a Club sponsored event.

If you have any ideas for fundraising or would like to be on the Fundraising Committee, please contact the Director of Fundraising and Marketing at marketing@halifaxrowing.ca.