Membership Fees

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Halifax Rowing Club strives to make rowing accessible to everyone by keeping its membership fees as low as possible and providing a number of different program options. More information about our programs can be found on our Programs page

Our fees for the 2022 season are:

Adult Competitive: $615
Adult Fitness: $545.00
Adult (Sept-Oct): $290.00
Adult Development: $245.00 (Applies to people who take May, June, and July LTR classes); $190 (Fall rate: applies to people who take LTR in August, and continue with development in the fall). $390 for those who completed LTR last year but do not feel ready to move into regular programming, starts after the first LTR session; $270 August-September fee. 

Adult Punch Card (10 Rows): $290
Subsequent punch cards in the same season would be $250. Must have completed Learn-to-row and Development program. Punch cards do not carry over to the next season.

Competitive (May-Aug): $ 465
Student Fitness (May-Aug): $400
Student Fall (September-October) $240
*Must be a post-secondary student

Competitive: $510
Junior Fitness: $440
Junior Development: $245

Junior Punch Card: 10 rows
Must have completed learn-to-row.
First Punch Card = $190 ($150 + $40 insurance), subsequent punch card in the same season would be $150. If you completed LTR in 2022 the punch card is $150 as the insurance was included in the LTR fees. Punch cards do not carry over to the next season.

LTR Junior: $170
LTR Adult: $240

• Nova Scotia Member: $30 per row
• Members of Other Canadian Clubs must pay RowNS Insurance ($15): $45 first row
• International Visitors or rowers without RCA and RowNS insurance ($40): $70 first row
• Additional row in same season: $30 per row

What do you get for your membership fees?
Membership fees include the use of club equipment, coaching, RowNS insurance ($15), and Rowing Canada Sport Insurance ($25).

Other costs
If you decide you want to compete in any local or away regattas, there are additional costs. These costs can include uniforms, boat trailer fees, race fees, and regatta insurance.

Before you get on the water
All fees and waivers must be submitted to HRC prior to being allowed to row on the water. Fees can be paid via e-transfer to payments@halifaxrowing.ca or by cheque (made out to Halifax Rowing Club) and given to HRC staff at the club.

Family Discount
Family discounts apply to members of the same family household (spouse, child, sibling, or grandparent). The family discount does not apply to Learn to Row. The discount includes:
1. The first family member pays their full fee.
2. The second member receives $40 off their membership.

3. The third member receives $60 off their membership.

Refunds and Prorated Fees
Our policy on Refunds can be found on our Policy page. HRC has established a fall fee (starting September 1st) and a Punch Card Pass this season. No fees will be prorated.