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To provide safe, affordable opportunities on Halifax’s North West Arm for rowers of all ages and abilities.


Halifax residents have access to rowing as a life‐long activity, promoting healthy living, friendship and sporting excellence.


The Halifax Rowing Club is a volunteer‐run non‐profit organization focused on the sport of rowing and operating from the following values:

  • Accessibility: providing rowing opportunities that are physically and financially accessible to HRM residents of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. 
  • Athletic excellence: creating a training environment for those who strive to excel as elite athletes provincially, nationally, and internationally.
  • Health and wellbeing: providing low‐impact recreational programs for all ages and abilities
  • Mentorship and leadership: creating rowing opportunities for youth for personal development, and to build coaching capacity within the province.
  • Sportsmanship: maintaining an ethos of fairness and respect in all our competitive and non‐competitive activities


The Halifax Rowing Club brings together people who enjoy the sport of rowing and who want to learn. The purpose of the Club is to provide recreational and competitive rowing in our community and to encourage participation in the sport. Anyone can become a member of the Club upon completion of a membership form and payment of the Club fees. No rowing experience is required – we offer learn-to-row classes for those new to rowing. The club is open from the beginning of May until the end of October.

The Halifax Rowing Club is currently running programs designed for the beginner, intermediate and advanced rowers interested in fun, fitness, recreation and/or competition. Our competitive rowers row in regattas in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario and Northeastern U.S.A. Interested recreational rowers may also compete in many regattas throughout the rowing season.

HRC is the home of the annual Cogswell Medal Harbour Championship Race which features a cash prize to the top singles sculler. HRC also hosts the annual Northwest Arm Regatta.

Rowing is part of an enduring and proud tradition in the City of Halifax and Nova Scotia. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, rowing races were held on the Northwest Arm, the Harbour, and the Bedford Basin, with thousands participating in the tremendously popular sport.

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still from rowing video

The Northwest Arm is a beautiful place to row. How beautiful? Take a look at this video (click on the photo above) to see how lucky we are.

Many thanks to Aleksandr Dudnyk, an aerial cinematographer and filmmaker. He shot this video on a beautiful October morning during our morning practice. You can follow him on Instagram @aleksairdron.