Halifax Rowing Club Registration

Save time by getting a Rowing Canada account and joining a class/program online then download the HRC form/waiver and fill it out. Send in your form and payment by mail or bring them to the Club.

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2017 / 2018 Registration Form & Waiver

Halifax Rowing Club Confidential Medical Information Form

Please scroll down to read instructions for how to use the on-line registration system

To register for one of Halifax Rowing Club's classes or programs, you must use Rowing Canada's on-line registration system. And while we recognize that some people may not be comfortable registering on-line, there are some good reasons to do so:

  1. All rowers must have a Rowing Canada profile before you can sign-up for (join) an HRC Rowing Class or Program.
  2. After joining an HRC Rowing Class or Program on the RCA registration system, your registration status will be 'pending' until the fees for the class or program have been paid. Once fees are paid, we will confirm your registration and you will get an email saying your registration has been confirmed and you will also get your RCA #.
  3. Once you have your RCA# it is your number for life and you don't have to re-create an RCA profile every year to get a new one.
  4. Halifax Rowing Club must register all of its members with Rowing Canada so that they are covered by Rowing Canada's basic insurance. This is quite a bit of work for our staff so when you register on-line you help to reduce the load on our volunteers, coaches and staff.
  5. Before anyone is allowed on the water, they must have an RCA #, all fees must be paid and the HRC waiver must be signed.

All fees must be paid by cash or cheque. This can be done in person at the Halifax Rowing Club. Please download and review the 2016 Membership Form and Waiver for more details.

Here are the steps that you should follow to register on-line:

1. Click on the Button at the top of this page or go to HRC's Rowing Canada Registration Page

2. Scroll up / down the page to find the program you are interested in - Click Join

3. If you have an RCA#, LOG IN and once you have you should be taken directly to information about the program you want to join. Go to step 9 below

4. If you don't have an RCA#, click REGISTER NOW (it is FREE)

5. Enter your Personal Information (RCA's Privacy Policy) – Click CONTINUE

6. Enter your Contact Details. Your birthdate must be true.

7. Select a Username, Password, and a Security Question/Answer (choose something that you will remember as you will need this to login to your Account in the future)

8. Read the Privacy Agreement (RCA's Privacy Policy)

7. Click CREATE MY ACCOUNT - You will receive a confirmation email if your RCA profile has been successfully created.

8. You should now be taken directly to information about the program you want to join.

9. Read the information about the program and be sure you understand the details for the program you are joining.

10. Your registration status will be 'pending' until the fees for the program or class have been paid to HRC.

11. Once you have paid your fees, you will receive an email that your registration has been confirmed and you will also be assigned an RCA #.

Note: Some programs require commitment to fund raise.  Also, you may be eligible for student, family, or corporate discounts for some programs.  Additional fees may also be required if you wish to race in our local or away regattas.

Your Rowing Canada Account
You can access your Rowing Canada Account any time by logging in with your Username and Password.  Once there you can make changes to your contact information (mailing address, email address, phone numbers) and sign up for additional programs if you wish.  You also have the option to add an additional addresses, phone #’s and email addresses. Click on the applicable drop down boxes and update your data.

If you have forgotten your Username and Password?
Click on the applicable link on the Home Page - Forgot your Password? Forgot your Username or RCA #? You will be prompted for additional information to confirm your account. New usernames and/or passwords will be emailed to you.

All fees must be paid and waivers signed prior to getting on the water.