University Rowing

2016 Dalhousie University Rowing Registration Form

This program offers fall season rowing to university students. For experienced rowers, coached sessions will prepare set crews for at least one regatta. Those with no rowing experience will be taught to row so that they can take part in at least one regatta.

Rowers who have already paid a membership fee for an HRC Adult (1st Year, Recreational/Fitness, or Competitive) program can transfer directly to the University Rowing Program with no additional membership fee.  However, those in Adult Novice or Adult Recreational/Fitness programs will need to pay their Regatta insurance fee if they have not already done so.

Once again this year we have the Dalhousie University Rowing Team rowing out of our Club.  If you are from another University and are looking to set up a University based rowing club or team, send us an email and we can see what we can do to help you set one up.

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