Things all Rowers Need to Remember

To help keep things going smoothly and keep our rowing shells in 'top' condition here are a few reminders for all rowers!

Be On Time For Your Row - Call 432-0323 if you are going to be late
You may have seen a notice on doors of the club about being on time for your row!  If you are going to be late for a scheduled rowing time, please, as a courtesy to your fellow rowers and coaches, call the club (423-0323) to let people know you are going to be late.  Rowers who show up late for a scheduled rowing time may end up not being able to row.  Also, if you are in a set crew and your crew mates are expecting you to be at the club for a row it is nice to show up or, at the very least, contact your crew mates or call the club to let them know you won't be able to make it!

Important notes from HRC's friendly Equipment Manager
(note he is less friendly if he sees you not doing these things!)

It is important that BEFOREeach row, all rowers must:

  • Make sure all nuts are tight on your rigger, you should check this before you push off from the dock! (This includes both top and bottom nuts on the pin and the bolts holding the rigger in place)
  • Make sure there is there is no missing banana clips. If there is, go find a replacement.
  • Make sure that the seat is running smoothly on the tracks and properly installed. (So that if the boat does tip the seat doesn't go to the bottom of the arm).

It is important that AFTER each row, all rowers must:

  • Make sure all bolts/parts are still tight and present. This can be done when soaping down the boat. If a bolt/part has gone missing replace it immediately.
  • DO NOT return boats to the rack with missing bolts/parts.
  • When removing the boat from the water, set it upright in the slings and wipe down the seat tracks before turning it over to soap and clean the rest of the boat.

Other very IMPORTANT things to remember to do:

  • When moving your shoes in the boat, you must FIRST remove your feet from the shoes, loosen the shoe wing nuts, move them to the desired position, then tighten the shoes back up, and finally put your feet back in the shoes.
  • DO NOT move the shoes with your feet still in them as this can result in significant damage to the rowing shell.
  • If shoes become loose in the middle of a row, call to stop the boat, then tighten them back up. Do not row with a loose footplate.