Bylaws & Policies

Bylaws & Policies

HRC Bylaws - Approved February 10, 2015

Private Boat Storage and Use Policy  (Updated March 28, 2017)

Visiting Rower Policy
All visiting rowers please read, complete, and abide by the visiting rower policy

Refund Policy

HRC Clothing

We all like to have cool stuff, please check with executive before ordering any clothing, click on the yellow text to download a pdf of the policy. Official club clothing can be ordered through Rowwest.

Code of Conduct
For your safety and safety of others all rowers need to abide by the Code of Conduct, click on the yellow text to download a pdf of the policy.

Cold Water Policy

The months of November through May shall be designated as Cold Water Months. If the water temperature falls below 10°C outside of this time frame, the Cold Water Policy will come into effect.

When the Cold Water Policy is in effect;

  • HRC members can only row when a safety boat is on the water - this applies to rowers using Club or Privately owned shells.
  • No rower may leave the dock until the safety boat is operational. (motor attached and working with all safety gear on board)
  • All rowing shells must stay within 500 meters of the coach boat or the boathouse.
  • Rowers are required to travel as a group.

These requirements may be waived at the discretion of the Club Safety Officer or the Head Coach if the measured water temperatures in the Arm are higher than 10°C and other conditions are satisfactory.

Link to Cold Water Boot Camp which shows what really happens when people fall into cold water.

Low Light Policy

Before sunrise and one-half hour before sunset, rowers and coaches must have the appropriate running lights operational and visible.

Fundraising Policy

a href="">Volunteer Coaches Policy