Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Fundraising - Paris Fronimos

Drawing from ancient Greece’s naval supremacy, Paris’ strength in the boat comes from generations of strong proud Greek rowers that came before him.

Communications - Robert Ellis

The Yellow Blur. Looking for a good workout? Try keeping up with Rob in a single

Safety Officer - Jeffrey Kirby

Intrigued by the ethical dilemma of enduring pain for the privilege of beautiful morning sunrises on the Northwest arm. Jeff appears to have succumb to the bug that every passionate rower catches.

Treasurer - Jenny White

Not everyone can find the beauty of rowing in the numbers, but Jenny’s analytical mind let’s her find efficiencies everywhere. Hard 10? How about a hard 8?

Program Officer - Laura Dowling

Laura has been rocking the spandex for the better part of a decade. Post row yoga anyone? No seriously, we're doing Saturday morning yoga on the viewing deck.

President - Linda Lee

Linda has been on the rowing scene long enough to have written the rule book on rowing, which is handy because she is also head umpire.

Junior Coordinator - Maureen Keough

In 2015 Maureen finally joined the sport she was built for. Better late than never Maureen.

Past President - Jonathan Tyson

A water boatman for almost his entire life, John can be found most mornings hunting down the next boat, or crushing it on the erg.

Equipment Manager - Chris Zulinov

"God dammit, who moved my 7/16th" Chris has given up on trying to keep his workbench clean and is embracing the entropy that is HRC.

Kevin Feltmate
Vice President - Kevin Feltmate

“Where’s the epoxy?” Kevin’s favorite day is when the club becomes warm enough to mix epoxy so he can finally start fixing stuff the right way.

Memeber at Large - Daniel Ruzzante

A voice of the people… in many different languages. Daniel pulls the hardest when Hard 10s are called in Spanish.

Secretary Registrar - Kerri Greene

Kerri can often be found playing chicken with sail boats on Tuesday nights. Hard port!